Securing your trade receivables from commercial and political risks.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance allows companies to extend their business to new customers, cut down losses in cases of defaults, enhance their chances of procuring funding at extremely competitive rates and assists companies in bettering their credit management policies.

Trade credit insurance helps companies mitigate concentration risks where a large portion of the company’s sales are concentrated among a handful of clients. The insurer also provides a validation to the company’s decision to do trade with a specific customer by providing a third party evaluation of the customer’s worth.

With our network of insurers spread across the world, we are able to provide risk coverage for your trade receivables across 100+ countries. Whether it be domestic or export trades, we have an understanding of markets as well as insurers’ appetite across sectors, type of risks & coverage potential to help you mitigate your risks with high precision

How does it work?

What does is cover ?

Insolvency of the buyer
Delayed payments from buyers
Pre-Payment made to suppliers
Foreign non transfer risk due to political reasons

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