Securing your trade receivables from commercial and political risks.

Trade Credit Insurance for Corporate

In today’s global economy, every company faces the very real risk of managing credit and counterparty exposure. Be it manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers; accounts receivables is usually the largest uninsured asset on the balance sheet. For some, it is the primary source of revenue. Economic downturn, commodity pricing volatility and increasingly changing political situations around the world, make it even more important for companies to adapt and secure their trade receivables and better their credit management systems.

We understand the markets and the needs of clients and work with you to better manage your balance sheet risk by offering customized solutions for trade credit insurance policies.


Types of Insurance policies:

Single Assured

Sales to a single large buyer which constitutes a large chunk of your receivables, also puts in additional pressure on your balance sheet. With the help of our network around the world of insurers, we can help you cover upto 95% of your risk on this one buyer

Whole Turnover

The risk of your entire open credit receivables can be insured with the help of a Multi buyer / Whole Turnover policy. With constant monitoring of each and every buyer with the help of large database maintained by insurers, you have the ability to receive real time feedback on your buyers creditworthiness and reduce the losses incurred due to inconsistencies in payments across your entire portfolio

Multinational Policy

Large conglomerates with multiple subsidiaries might make policy management cumbersome. This can be easily managed with a group level multinational insurance policy. This would allow credit management to happen at the group level. It would also reduce the overall cost of purchasing multiple insurance policies. Given the huge volume of international sales through multiple subsidiaries, the Head office is also given discretionary limits upto a certain percentage which would allow it to add additional buyers or manage the credit insurance coverage on certain smaller sized buyers in its portfolio.

Captive Insurance

Taking credit and risk management to a whole new level, captive insurance companies are created by and for large companies / companies with uninsurable risks or for multinationals with multiple subsidiaries. Captives are managed by professional insurers who assist in underwriting risk covers for your turnovers. With the infusion of some capital, you have the ability to self insure risks, allowing for tighter credit controls within your organization.